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This roller contains natural essential oils that have been blended together to help with blocked milk ducts. Blocked milk ducts occur when there is an insufficient removal of milk from the breast. The retained milk forms a spaghetti- or cheese like blockage in the duct, causing a small lump that might be painful, red or swollen. If neglected, plugged ducts can lead to infections or mastitis!


This roller consists of 5 natural essential oils - Lavender, Oregano, Cypress, Frankincense & Tea Tree and topped up with Sweet Almond Oil. These amazing oils are used to assist with removing any lumps or blocked milk ducts in the breast. Apply the roller around the breast (be sure to avoid the nipple area) Massage the oil into the breast – particularly where you feel a lump/blockage. The Oregano Oil in this roller is quite strong, so you don’t need to apply too much for it to be effective!


Each individual person is unique and each individual may have a different experience with this roller. If you have mastitis or are constantly in pain, it is your responsibility to seek help from your healthcare professional. This oil is designed to help you remove the lump before it turns into an infection. Each individual consumer will have a different experience with this roller as everyone has a unique milk flow.  A small test patch on your skin is encouraged to see if its compatible with your skin type. If irritation occurs – discontinue use.

Blocked Essential Oil Roller

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